4 Iconic American Coins and Their Surprising Worth Today

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Several iconic American coins hold significant historical importance and, in some cases, surprising worth in today's numismatic market. 

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1. Flowing Hair Dollar (1794-1795) 

The Flowing Hair Dollar was the first official silver dollar issued by the United States Mint, struck from 1794 to 1795. These coins feature a design with Liberty facing right on the obverse and an eagle with outstretched wings on the reverse. 

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2. Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle (1907-1933) 

The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle is widely considered one of the most beautiful coins ever produced by the United States Mint. Designed by renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, these $20 gold coins feature a stunning depiction of Liberty on the obverse and a majestic eagle in flight on the reverse.  

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3. Buffalo Nickel (1913-1938) 

For example, the 1913-S Type 2 Buffalo Nickel, with the bison standing on a raised mound, is highly sought after by collectors and can command prices well above its face value. 

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4. Morgan Silver Dollar (1878-1921) 

The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most popular and widely collected coins in American numismatics. Named after its designer, George T. Morgan, these silver dollars feature Liberty on the obverse and an eagle with outstretched wings on the reverse.  

These iconic American coins not only hold historical significance but also have the potential to be valuable investments for collectors.  

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