4 Revolutionary Gymnastics Techniques Inspired by Simone Biles

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Simone Biles, an American gymnast, has revolutionized the sport with her unparalleled skills, athleticism, and courage to push the boundaries of what is possible in gymnastics. Her legacy includes several techniques that are not only named after her but also reflect her influence on the sport.  

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1. The Biles (Floor Exercise) 

This signature move on the floor exercise involves a double layout with a half twist, ending in a blind landing. It showcases Biles' incredible strength and aerial awareness. This move is so technically demanding and unique that it was named after her upon its successful execution in international competition. 

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2. The Biles II (Floor Exercise) 

Another groundbreaking skill performed by Biles on the floor is a triple-double, which consists of a double backflip with three twists spread across the two flips. This skill was debuted by Biles in 2019, further cementing her status as one of the most innovative gymnasts of all time.  

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3. The Biles (Beam) 

On the balance beam, Biles performs a double-double dismount, which is a double twist into a double backflip off the beam. This dismount is incredibly risky due to the precision required to launch and land it successfully from the narrow beam.  

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4. The Biles (Vault) 

Simone Biles also has a vault named after her, which is a Yurchenko half on with two twists off. This vault is highly valued for its difficulty and the level of precision and power needed to execute it properly.  

Each of these techniques not only highlights Biles' creativity and willingness to challenge herself but also her physical and technical capabilities, which are unmatched in the gymnastics world. Her contributions to the sport have inspired a new generation of gymnasts to aim higher and push harder, expanding the boundaries of what is achievable in gymnastics. 

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