5 Most Valuable Coins Discovered in Unexpected Places

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Throughout history, some of the most valuable coins have been discovered in the most unexpected of places, turning ordinary locations into sites of remarkable finds.  

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1. The Saddle Ridge Hoard (California, USA) 

In 2013, a couple walking their dog on their property stumbled upon a cache of over 1,400 gold coins buried in rusty cans. Dating from 1847 to 1894, this hoard was valued at over $10 million, making it the largest known discovery of buried gold coins in U.S. history. 

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2. The Hoxne Hoard (Suffolk, England) 

Discovered in 1992 by a metal detectorist looking for a lost hammer, the Hoxne Hoard is one of the largest hoards of late Roman silver and gold discovered in Britain. It consisted of over 15,000 Roman coins and various gold and silver artifacts, valued at around $3.8 million (£3 million). 

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3. The Frome Hoard (Somerset, England) 

In April 2010, a metal detectorist found over 52,000 Roman coins buried in a large pot in Somerset. The coins, dating from AD 253 to 305, are one of the largest hoards of Roman coins ever found in Britain. 

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4. The Black Swan Project (Atlantic Ocean) 

In 2007, a deep-sea treasure hunting company discovered a shipwreck containing an estimated $500 million worth of silver and gold coins in the Atlantic Ocean. The coins came from a Spanish warship that sank in the early 19th century.  

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5. The Declaration of Independence Coin (New Hampshire, USA) 

A teenager inherited a coin collection from his grandfather and found a rare 1792 Birch Cent among them, which was later valued at over $1 million.  

These discoveries, ranging from backyards to the depths of the ocean, emphasize not only the value and rarity of the coins themselves but also the incredible stories of how they were found.  

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