5 Must-See Coins That Outshined Gold in 2023: Collector's Guide 

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Since coin collecting is a dynamic hobby with values and interests changing over time, some of the coins that might have garnered significant attention in 2023 could include a mix of ancient, rare, and newly issued commemorative coins.  

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1. 2023 Commemorative Issues 

A 2023 coin that outshined gold could be one that marks a major global or historical event, featuring unique design elements, innovative minting technologies, or precious metals. 

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2. Historical Discoveries  

Occasionally, coins that were previously unknown or considered extremely rare come to light. A coin from a significant historical period that was discovered or auctioned in 2023 could capture the attention of collectors worldwide.  

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3. Record-Breaking Auction Sales 

Coins that fetch record prices at auctions often become must-haves for serious collectors. A coin that achieved a new record price in 2023 due to its rarity, condition, historical importance, or provenance would certainly be considered one that outshined gold. 

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4. Innovative Design or Technology 

Coins that feature groundbreaking design or minting technology can also stand out. This could include coins with unique materials, shapes, or interactive elements. A 2023 issue that introduced a new technology or design concept could be highly sought after. 

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5. Cultural or Artistic Significance 

Coins that celebrate cultural milestones or artistic achievements often become collector favorites. A 2023 coin that beautifully represents a cultural event or an artistic milestone, possibly designed by a renowned artist or featuring iconic imagery, could be especially prized. 

While specific examples would require access to the latest numismatic releases and auction results from 2023, these categories provide a broad overview of what types of coins could outshine gold in the eyes of collectors. 

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