5 RARE Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly around buying a Dodge Challenger GTR

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The value of Bicentennial Quarters varies greatly depending on their condition, mint mark, and whether they feature any rare errors or are made of special materials like silver. 

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1. 1976-S Silver MS69 

This quarter reached an auction record of $19,200, making it the most valuable Bicentennial Quarter sold so far.

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2. 1976-D Clad MS68 

A rare find, this quarter sold for $6,462.50 at auction in 2017.

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3. 1976-S Clad PR67 

Featuring a unique error, this quarter was sold for $6,038.

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4. 1976-S Silver PR 

Sold for $13,500, this quarter is notable for its high auction price.

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5. 1976-S Clad Proof Deep Cameo PR69 DCAM 

Valued at $342, this quarter is prized for its condition and rarity.

Bicentennial Quarters in Mint State or with a Proof finish tend to be worth more than their face value, with prices ranging from a few dollars to several thousand, depending on their rarity and condition​​. Special mint sets that included 40% silver varieties are among the most valuable, with millions of silver Bicentennial quarters melted down in subsequent years, reducing their number and increasing their rarity​​. 

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