5 Revolutionary War Coins Worth a Fortune Today

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Coins from the Revolutionary War era hold significant historical value and can be worth a fortune today, particularly those that are rare or have unique stories associated with them. 

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1. 1776 Continental Currency Coins 

These coins were part of the first currency authorized by the Continental Congress and are incredibly rare. The coins, made of pewter, brass, and silver, feature various designs, including the linked chains and sundials, symbolizing unity and the passage of time, respectively.  

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2. 1787 Fugio Cents 

The front of the coin shows a sundial and the motto "Fugio" (Latin for "I flee/fly") and "Mind Your Business," while the reverse shows 13 linked rings, representing the original states, and the phrase “We Are One.” These coins are highly sought after by collectors and command high prices. 

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3. 1776 Spanish Colonial Silver Dollars 

Used extensively throughout the colonies, these Spanish coins circulated widely and were often counterstamped by individual states or merchants. A genuine 1776 Spanish Colonial Silver Dollar with historical provenance related to the Revolutionary War era can be extremely valuable to collectors. 

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4. 1783 Nova Constellatio Patterns 

These are among the first coins struck under the authority of the United States and were designed to set the standard for the new nation's currency. Only a handful of these pattern coins exist today, making them exceptionally rare and valuable. 

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5. 1792 Birch Cent 

While minted slightly after the Revolutionary War, the Birch Cent is integral to the early history of the United States Mint and coinage. Named after the engraver, Robert Birch, this coin features a profile of Lady Liberty and the phrase “Liberty Parent of Science & Industry.”  

Collectors place immense value on these coins not only for their monetary worth but also for their historical significance, offering a tangible connection to the early days of the United States. 

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