Bicentennial Quarter Bonanza: 3 Rare Coins Worth $5 Million+ Each!

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The tale of the Bicentennial Quarter is one steeped in patriotism, celebration, and numismatic intrigue. Released in 1975 and 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of American independence, these quarters captured the imagination of a nation.  

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1. The Double Die Obverse Bicentennial Quarter

This rare anomaly occurred when the coin's die (the stamp used to imprint the design onto blank coins) was not aligned correctly, resulting in a coin with a slightly doubled image, particularly noticeable on the date and the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST." 

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2. The Off-Metal Bicentennial Quarter

Another rarity is the Off-Metal Bicentennial Quarter, a coin that was struck on a wrong metal planchet. While the standard Bicentennial Quarters were minted on a clad layer of copper-nickel, a few were accidentally struck on pure silver planchets left over from previous series. 

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3. The Overstruck Bicentennial Quarter

Perhaps the most intriguing of all is the Overstruck Bicentennial Quarter. This coin was mistakenly struck over a previously minted coin, such as a foreign coin or a different denomination, which was not properly removed from the minting press. 

The Bicentennial Quarter Bonanza is a testament to the allure and mystique of coin collecting. While most Bicentennial Quarters are a nostalgic reminder of America's 200th birthday, a select few hold secrets and stories that elevate them to the status of numismatic legends. 

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